31 years
in the market

Ask about our experience! Daw-Trans is an example of organic growth in business, of which the origins date back to 1989 and the introduction of the free market economy in Poland. It is the history of a family transport business that has evolved into a strong and modern entity.

We work for
the whole of Europe

Set a task for us! We support our customers in all countries of the European Union. We offer professional service to diverse industries, providing them with optimum solutions. We develop our services towards Eastern Europe.

10 key

Check us out! The list of the most important industries that use Daw-Trans services on a regular basis will tell you the most about our specialisations and experience. We are very proud of the fact that many of our partners have been co-operating with us continuously for many years.

150 times
per week

Discover our potential! This is how frequently we dispatch our vehicles to and from the United Kingdom. This is the most important direction in our order book. The Daw-Trans fleet is also especially frequently seen in Germany and the Benelux countries.