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As soon as we started our activity on the British market, we joined the Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme, aimed at preventing illegal immigration, organized by the British Ministry of the Interior.

In 2003, our company received a certificate of professional competence issued by the Motor Transport Institute.

Daw-Trans has been a member of the Association of International Road Carriers in Poland for many years and operates based on the provisions of the CMR and AETR conventions.


Quality mark ISO 9001:2015 WSK Management System

SQAS is transparent information for enterprises that Daw-Trans, as a logistics service recipient, meets international safety standards for employees, transported goods, people and the natural environment.


As part of the Daw-Trans Development Program, we have implemented an Internal Control System that has created new opportunities for our clients.


As part of the Daw-Trans Development Program, we implemented ISO 9001. It was the culmination of a several-year plan to transform Daw-Trans into a significant entity in the TSL industry, operating on the basis of the highest standards and modern solutions.


effective implementation of the latest global solutions improving the quality of services provided (confirmed by certificates)

impact on quality in all phases of service implementation

raising the competence and awareness of employees and associates through regular training and building a quality policy based on the highest standards

philosophy of "flexibility" in cooperation with clients and business partners

constantly improving the quality of services, as well as expanding their scope with the intention of meeting the expectations of customers as fully as possible

However, it should be remembered that the company's activities, apart from quality issues, also include areas related to meeting environmental, administrative, occupational health and safety requirements, etc., which also affect its effectiveness and the level of professionalism of the logistics operator.

Many years of experience and commitment of Daw-Trans in the field of improving management processes translate into
a consistent increase in the quality of services provided and thus customer satisfaction.


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