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Dawid Kujawski



Tomasz Wiwatowski

Managing Director

Daw-Trans has already entered its third decade of operation, and considering our family origins in the TSL industry, we have been building our market experience for over four decades now. Nevertheless, anniversaries - however festive and important they may be - are just a pleasant episode. In our everyday life we focus on our work and always look forward to the future. We are a well-established logistics operator in the region and in Poland. We expand our range of services, invest in infrastructure, improve the quality of customer service, and train the best drivers. Above all, we adapt perfectly to the changing reality and market expectations, as we have been effectively demonstrating for many years.


We are proud that many of our clients have been with us for several or even dozens of years. This is the most valuable certificate one can receive, issued by the “market”. We are also proud of our team. Many employees have been supporting the company with their experience and skills for a long time, which confirms that they also find satisfaction in achieving personal goals and a long-term perspective for professional development at Daw-Trans. We are a strong team.   




Więcej niż transport


In recent years, the dynamic changes in the TSL market have been incredibly intense. Key changes in EU law, BREXIT, and the evolution of Polish export industries are just some of the challenges. We are a partner for those who expect a guarantee that they are cooperating with a transport company that excels in current turbulence and can maintain consistent timeliness and high-quality services. And this is not a one-time occurrence. We constantly renew our fleet with vehicles equipped with the latest safety systems, we have built and organized a modern Customer Service Center, and we are expanding our team of specialists. We plan further investments and the implementation of additional growth actions. All of this is done with the conviction that we will develop together.


Together with your companies

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