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- experience, knowledge

- nothing is impossible for us

- drivers focus on driving and not on technical problems

- service network throughout Europe

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Forwarding is the organization of the transport of goods from one point to another, taking into account all aspects related to the adjustment of the means of transport, organization of loading and unloading of goods.

The Daw Trans forwarding team knows the organization of this process inside out. He will not only choose the right transport, but also advise, plan the route, help in the preparation of all necessary CMR documents related to customs clearance and insurance of goods. Through constant contact with the driver, he will guide him so that he reaches the designated place safely and without problems.

Thanks to years of work and experience gained, our forwarders know the specifics of the industry, customer expectations, ways to deal with unforeseen situations that may happen on each route.

If you have any questions, doubts, write or call and we will be happy to help you explain all the intricacies of the process. We are here to help and give you something more than just transport - peace of mind, safety and a guarantee of completing each task entrusted to us.


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