12 September 2022

"Truck & Bus" or how to avoid a fine

From October 10 to 16, another "Truck & Bus" action is planned throughout Europe, i.e. increased roadside control of trucks and buses. Its originator - ROADPOL, i.e. an organization of traffic police in Europe, will take under scrutiny, among others: compliance with speed limits, regulations governing drivers' working and rest times, compliance with ADR regulations and guidelines related to cargo securing.

Nineteen countries joined the Truck action in June and July, while 16 joined the Bus action. A total of 427,105 trucks and 233,892 buses were inspected. The inspections showed that transportation companies have something to work on. As it turned out, almost one in four trucks and one in 14 buses violated traffic safety rules. The most common offenses were those related to drivers' working hours, and tachograph operation. Unfortunately, 376 drivers were under the influence of alcohol.




What should be done?


It's obvious - train, train and train. At Daw Trans, we have our own Driving Academy and Ecodriving School.  Each driver has mandatory training on working time, mandatory breaks, rest, thoroughly learns the rules of tachograph operation, is constantly reminded of road safety rules, behavior on the road. Any novice driver embarks on his first tour under the guidance of a trainer. Such a driver drives with this trainer until they feel confident. Safety on the road is a priority.

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