15 November 2022


Ecodriving is one of Daw Trans's strengths. Throughout the year, we train our drivers so that they can use all vehicle systems and thus feel safe and confident behind the controls of the tractors they drive. Contrary to appearances, it is not such a simple matter. Sometimes even a few thousand kilometers traveled do not give such skills as good training with an experienced trainer. Sometimes our idea of ​​what kind of drivers we are is a bit different from reality. In this respect, a large dose of humility and common sense are needed, because without it, it is easier to get into collisions and unnecessary nerves behind the wheel. And the drivers know what it's like.
What does the ecodriving course give you:
- knowledge of all systems offered by Mercedes Benz Trucks (we mainly drive such tractors),
- learning the principles of their operation in practice,
- the ability to anticipate different situations on the road,
- practical knowledge of how to use the terrain, as well as a whole range of other skills affecting broadly understood safety,


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