12 September 2022

Big day at Daw-Trans!

Big day at Daw-Trans!

We are celebrating the purchase of a new tractor, the Mercedes Actros L, which impresses with its exceptional quality interior, the possibilities of innovative LED headlights and the OM 471 engine, as well as many other features that make driving on any route extremely enjoyable.


The second circumstance is the fact that this equipment ended up in the hands of our long-term coach Michał Trędewicz, who has been preparing rookies for the role of a professional driver for years.

The training stage is a demanding time for both the trainer and the student. The coach shares knowledge, experience, multiplies attention and cares about safety, and the student absorbs a lot and quickly to become an independent driver in a short time.

In addition, the technical aspect is important - sharing a common space in a double crew, because a car on the road is a second home.

That is why we do everything to improve the comfort of our trainers' work, thus we would like to thank them for their commitment and the mission they carry out for us.

Michał, let the new car serve you and make the driver's work even more enjoyable.
Let us also thank our other coaches: Janusz, Karol, Pawel, Artur, Przemek and Artur. We are glad that you are part of Daw-Trans

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