The specialist transport using “walking floors” has an extensive range of applications: from bulk materials, such as sand or grain, to palletised cargo and waste. It should be emphasised that DT holds required permits for waste transport.

Self-loading trailers ensure efficient loading and unloading, and also enable the Customer to flexibly use a vehicle during a course, for example, for transport of bulk goods in one direction, and of palletised goods on the return course.


We offer to our customers:

  • Transport across the whole of Europe
  • Modern and safe fleet
  • High flexibility in response to the customer’s expectations
  • Optional double staffing — urgent delivery
  • Reliable selection and verification of subcontractors
  • Continuous supervision by the Customer Service Centre (a dedicated forwarder)
  • Transport and cargo insurance
  • Transport with pallet change
  • Cabotage in EU member states