Professional services for LCL goods transport and forwarding for the entire European Union — this is the specialisation of Daw-Trans and the largest part of our order book.

The transport is carried out with modern lorries and each order is completed in accordance with the highest international standards. With a systematic evaluation of our services and our partner subcontractors, we monitor the quality of our services and shape them according to the current needs of the customers. The highest availability of our vehicles (daily) is in Germany and the United Kingdom. Check the industries we are the most experienced with.

We offer to our customers:

  • Transport across the whole of Europe
  • Modern and safe fleet
  • High flexibility in response to the customer’s expectations
  • Optional double staffing — urgent delivery
  • Reliable selection and verification of subcontractors
  • Continuous supervision by the Customer Service Centre (a dedicated forwarder)
  • Transport and cargo insurance
  • Transport with pallet change
  • Cabotage in EU member states