Daw-Trans partners with the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers and individual customers.

Our Mega-type vehicles with a total capacity of 100m2 are primarily intended for customers in the automotive industry. Daw-Trans operates based on Krone semi-trailers.

  • Internal loading height: 3 m
  • Option to lift the roof up to 3.2 m on loading
  • Option to slide the roof on loading and unloading
  • Semi-trailers are equipped with side rims and meet the standards in accordance with the guidelines of the Daimler’s directive 9.5 (DCE)
  • Semi-trailers are equipped with a set of side boards, partly of aluminium, 30 anchor belts and a set of anti-skid mats.


This sector requires extraordinary timeliness, which is necessary to maintain a smooth supply chain. Our company has guaranteed the highest service quality within the automotive industry for many years.

We offer to our customers:

  • Transport across the whole of Europe
  • Modern and safe fleet
  • High flexibility in response to the customer’s expectations
  • Optional double staffing — urgent delivery
  • Reliable selection and verification of subcontractors
  • Continuous supervision by the Customer Service Centre (a dedicated forwarder)
  • Transport and cargo insurance
  • Transport with pallet change
  • Cabotage in EU member states