Daw-Trans ensures the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) based on stringent regulations, professional drivers and experienced forwarders.

Our company meets all the requirements regarding the transport of dangerous goods in packages, as set by the ADR European Transport Agreement. Our vehicles have the required equipment.

All drivers complete an additional, internal training regarding the transport of dangerous goods, delivered by the company ADR advisor. The ADR advisor is always present at the office and involved in our operations. 

We offer to our customers:

  • Transport across the whole of Europe
  • Modern and safe fleet
  • High flexibility in response to the customer’s expectations
  • Optional double staffing — urgent delivery
  • Reliable selection and verification of subcontractors
  • Continuous supervision by the Customer Service Centre (a dedicated forwarder)
  • Transport and cargo insurance
  • Transport with pallet change
  • Cabotage in EU member states