Mercedes-Benz fleet, dealer and service

Mercedes-Benz is a reliable brand that enjoys equal renown in the truck segment and among passenger car users. The tractor units are of German manufacturer and have been the strength of the Daw-Trans fleet for years. Our company is based almost exclusively on them, without forgetting that it is reasonable to test other brands and to compare performance.

The co-operation with a sister company to Daw-Trans, namely Kujawski Truck Center Sp. z o.o., has given us great opportunities to build a reliable and ever-expanding fleet. It is an authorised dealer and service agent for Mercedes trucks and buses, based at the same location as Daw-Trans.

Thus, the fleet of Daw-Trans is maintained in perfect technical condition. Vehicle repairs are performed promptly by professional service technicians. What is essential to our customers is that we are capable of responding immediately in the case of a failure en-route. We work on a 24-hour basis. We are ready at any time to dispatch a service vehicle, to tow a damaged vehicle or to provide a replacement vehicle.

Kujawski Truck Center offers lorries (new and used) for different purposes and a wide range of authorised tonnage ratings.

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