Ever expanding and rejuvenating fleet.

Nearly entire fleet consistently built by Daw-Trans is based on Mercedes-Benz trucks, because our affiliated company is an authorised dealer of this brand and provides comprehensive maintenance services for it. Both entities have their registered offices at the Kujawski Truck Centre. This is a convenient solution, enabling successive rejuvenation of the fleet, the age of which has already went down to 3 years, as well as maintaining it in a very good operating condition.

Daw-Trans has approx. 150 vehicles available for its customers, 120 of which it owns, including both standard and mega semi-trailers (Krone Profi Liner and Mega Liner). The tractor units now being added to the fleet meet the Euro 6 exhaust gas emission standard and all others meet the Euro 5 exhaust gas emission standard. The vehicles are equipped with curtain-type semi-trailers with loading heights in the range of 2.7-3 metres. Some of the most modern vehicles are dedicated to specialist services (walking floor, large-size goods, ADR).

150 trucks at disposal of the Daw-Trans Customers



The units are equipped with:

  • Anchor belts
  • Protective corners
  • Anti-skid mats
  • Expansion beams
  • A set of aluminium side boards
  • Box for pallets in standard semi-trailers
  • ADR equipment

Our semi-trailers have Krone safety certificates for load security. The certificates confirm the compliance with:

  • EN 12642 Code XL regulations and standards regarding vehicle design
  • VDI 2700 operation regulations that specify the means of load security, anchoring power and load distribution
  • Load security guidelines included in Daimler’s directive 9.5 (DCE)