The Daw-Trans team is ready to help!

Daw-Trans is a team that provides its customers with professional support and care for their loads on a daily basis. Importantly, a large number of specialists have been with the company for many years and each of them contributed to its successful development. 
The transport industry is very peculiar and does not allow routine. It requires a constant search for new solutions to meet the expectations of new customers. In turn, for fixed long-term orders, it is the most important to quickly introduce service unification based on a refined, joint scheme. Thus, it is essential to have the right people in the right place. The Daw-Trans team ensures timely and optimised services.




Used vehicle sales

Kontakt - Rafał Włodarski

Vehicle rental

Kontakt - Maciej Misiukajtis

Technical department




Organising driver routes


HR / Personnel

Kontakt - Tomasz Wiwatowski

Area vehicle control station

Janusz Brzeziński

MOT Tester

Roman Nowakowski

MOT Tester