Through many years of experience and the involvement of Daw-Trans in management process improvements, we are consistently able to increase our service quality levels and customer satisfaction.

However, it should be remembered that, apart from the apart from quality maintenance, company operations involve areas related to compliance with environmental, administrative, occupational health and safety etc. requirements, which also influence its efficiency.


Our operations are dedicated to the implementation of our pro-quality policy. The priorities of Daw-Trans are:

  • A constant increase in service quality and an extension to the service range to satisfy the expectations of our customers to the fullest extent
  • An efficient implementation of the world’s newest solutions to increase the service quality
  • To influence quality at all stages of service delivery
  • A philosophy of flexibility in working with our customers and business partners
  • Increasing employee and partner awareness through regular training and developing a quality policy based on the highest standards


Certyfikat ISO 9001

Under the “DT 2016” Development Programme, we implement ISO 9001. This will be a culmination of a multi-year plan to transform Daw-Trans into a significant entity in the TSL industry, operating based on the highest standards and modern solutions.

Advantages of the ISO certificate

  • Ensuring the repeatability of high service quality and to standardise the operations
  • A deliberate improvement in our own operations
  • The opportunity to offer services to companies that require the ISO certificate
  • Preventing errors and complaints
  • A formal confirmation of the highest service quality, especially for foreign companies

Under the “DT 2016” Development Programme, we implement our Internal Control System, opening new opportunities for our customers.

Advantages of the WSK certificate

  • Reliability on the DU or ML goods forwarding/transport market
  • Opportunity to offer transport and forwarding to DU or ML manufacturing companies
  • The knowledge of international trade safety procedures
  • Presence as a substitute exporter for customers without the WSK certificate

SQAS means transparent information for companies, demonstrating that Daw-Trans, as a forwarding customer, meets the international safety standards for employees, transported goods, people and the environment.

Advantages of the SQAS certificate

  • Allowing to minimise the risk by selecting the right carrier, which is Daw-Tran, the SQAS is an indicator of reliable information that has been verified by specialists
  • Increased safety of chemical goods transport
  • Minimised accidents during order completion
Daw-Trans has been a member of Zrzeszenie Międzynardowocyh Przewoźników Drogowych w Polsce (International Road Carrier Association in Poland) for many years and operates based on CMR and AETR regulations.
Upon entering the British market, we joined the Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme, a programme aimed at preventing illegal immigration, organised by the Home Office of the United Kingdom.
In 2003, our company received a professional qualification certificate issued by Instytut Transportu Samochodowego (‘Motor Transport Institute’).