Daw-Trans consistently delivers entrusted goods for purposes specified by Customers. However, the extraordinary situation in which the Polish and the European economies currently are, the TLS sector included, has mobilised the company to engage appropriate resources, both for our Customers and Employees.

The situation is dynamic and requires from us particular flexibility, and very intense involvement. We operate in a crisis mode, because no other way is possible. Despite the obvious perturbations affecting our entire sector, so far we delivered all entrusted cargos. We make all efforts possible to maintain this situation, and ensure the greatest possible level of safety for our team. Nevertheless, the problems are accumulating. Gigantic queues at reinstated borders are only a tip of the iceberg. We treat this crisis as a very important test.

The activities undertaken by DT include:

  • increased frequency of contacts with customers, increased monitoring of transports
  • flexible reaction to changes (working hours, loading/unloading times, closing of warehouses for safety reasons, etc.)
  • maximum commitment to finding solutions in individual cases.

The TLS sector with its hard organic work has built for itself a strong position in Europe, and has become an important sector of the Polish economy. The crisis hits us very severely, and the scale of actual losses is not possible to estimate at the moment. It will only become apparent in the second quarter. Fully understanding a need to support the entire Polish business we expect the decision makers to notice that certain sectors require exceptional reactions. Our experts provided a number of proposals that could significantly help our companies to survive this historically difficult moment, and thus also help to survive our Customers, who obviously cannot afford to have their supply chains broken. This is a strategic challenge for the entire economy.