Dear Customers,

Daw-Trans is my entire professional life. This company has come, or rather driven, a very long way. From a small family transport business to a modern and large TSL industry. We serve many prestigious companies based in Poland and abroad. We are proud that many of our customers have been satisfied and remained loyal for over a decade. This is the most valuable certificate that one can receive; it is issued by the market. Thus, I allow myself to recommend our services to you.

The most important advantages of Daw-Trans are:

  • High flexibility in customer service
  • High service quality
  • Immediate response to any problem
  • Location of the dispatch centre and base beside the A1 motorway
  • Growing potential of the Kujawski Transport Centre
  • Fleet from and service of Mercedes-Benz Trucks (through a subsidiary)
  • A fleet of 120 vehicles
  • Average age of tractors and semi-trailers of less than 3 years

Furthermore we refer to our 25 years of experience in the industry. In that time we have been continuously developing our services with an expanding fleet. In 2016 we completed the implementation of the ambitious “DT 2016” Development Programme. We are rejuvenating our fleet, expanding our expert team, introducing vehicles with the latest safety systems that ensure the safety of our drivers, implementing the ISO management standards, and expanding our infrastructure and our Customer Service Centre.
I introduce to you Daw-Trans. It is a reliable and stable partner, whose priorities are flexibility and an individual approach to the customer.

I am looking forward to doing business with you.
Dawid Kujawski

President of the Management Board