Dear Customers,

Daw-Trans has already entered a third decade of its operations, and taking into account the family beginnings in the TLS sector, from which our company derives directly, we have been building our market experiences for four decades already. However, jubilees, although officially celebrated and important, are only pleasant episodes, and we focus on “looking ahead” in our daily operations. We are a logistic operator with a well-established position in Poland, with our strategy based on a consistent organic development. We expand the range of our services, invest in the infrastructure, improve the quality of Customer services, and train the best drivers. And first of all, we excellently adapt to the changing reality and market expectations. We have been proving that attitude successfully for many years already.

We are proud to have satisfied and loyal Customers that stay with us for several or several dozen years. This is the most valuable certificate that we can receive. Issued by the “market”. I am also very proud of our Team.

Thus, I allow myself to recommend our services to you.

The most important Daw-Trans assets are:

  • High flexibility in customer service
  • Location of the headquarters and the base near the A1 motorway
  • High service quality
  • Immediate response to any problem
  • Growing potential of the Kujawski Truck Centre
  • Mercedes-Benz Trucks fleet and comprehensive maintenance servicing (by a subsidiary)
  • A fleet of 120 vehicles
  • An average age of trucks and trailers - 3 years

Recently, the dynamics of changes in the TSL market is extraordinary. Crucial changes in the EU legislation, BREXIT or evolution of Polish export sectors are only some of the challenges we face. We are partners for those who want to have a guarantee that they cooperate with a transport company easily finding its way amongst present turbulences and able to maintain unchanged punctuality and high quality of its services. But this is not given once and for all. We constantly rejuvenate our fleet with vehicles equipped with the latest safety systems, we built and organised the modern Customer Service Centre, and expand our team of specialists. We plan successive investments and implementation of new pro-development activities. All these with a conviction that we are be able to develop... together. Together with your companies.

We are at your disposal.

Dawid Kujawski

President of the Management Board