The continuous company development, in spite of all the market turbulences of the last 20 years, is the most reliable indicator of Daw-Trans success.

The successive introduction of new infrastructure components and the continuous expansion of our range of services are all strategic operations performed under our “Daw-Trans 2016” Development Programme. In 2016 we completed our ambitious plan, the implementation of which the implementation of which leads to a higher capacity, a wider range and even better quality. This transformation becomes visible through our the refreshed brand and the new, clearer marketing communications of our company.


We introduce its foundations. Thus, we are able to offer even more :


Doubling the number of employees in 2012-2016

  • Personal development of the “directional” departments
  • Customer Service Centre

Higher standards of organisation and fleet management

  • A new system of communication between the drivers and the dispatch centre
  • Customer Service Centre.

Extended service offer and fleet potential

  • An extension of the fleet to 150 tractors.
  • Offering ferrying services.

Increased capacities of the Kujawski Transport Centre

  • Establishment of the Driver Academy.
  • New administrative building.