Daw-Trans is an example of the natural growth in business, of which the origins date back to 1989 and the introduction of the free market economy in Poland.

This is a classical history of a family transport business that has evolved into a strong and modern entity in the TSL industry with an already developed know-how and reputation.

This consistent dedication to development has allowed us to evolve from a small business with two vehicles to a corporate management enterprise with a fleet potential of 150 tractor units. Today are successively increasing the capacities of the Kujawski Transport Centre on a developing basis, with a team 32 of professionals and a very ambitious strategy for the following years.


With the highest level of experience, Daw-Trans supports its customers in the United Kingdom, Germany and, of course, Poland. We have an excellent understanding of the reality of the transport industry in those countries and the local specifics of delivery planning and execution problems. We are fully prepared to solve them in terms of qualifications, tools and resources.

The consistent implementation of fleet unification and rejuvenation (from 3 to 2 years) contributes to the increasing recognition of our characteristic red Mercedes vehicles. A sister company to Daw-Trans is an authorised dealer of that renowned brand for many years and we develop our fleet primarily on its basis.

Apart from transport services, Daw-Trans operates new and used vehicle rentals and sales, as well as forwarding. The company offers the advice and support of carriers employed in diverse issues: road tolls, ferrying, risks related to illegal immigration in the United Kingdom, dangerous goods transport, etc.