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In 2015, we established the Daw-Trans Driver Academy, in which we share the knowledge and experience of the leaders of the particular company departments.

We are proud of the fact that the Academy has become such prestigious training initiative and practically covers the entire demand of our company for new drivers. What is extremely important, from the very beginning all drivers are shaped in accordance with the Daw-Trans philosophy and organisational culture.

It was established to:

  • Recruit new drivers and equip them with the highest qualifications possible,
  • Develop the qualifications of the existing Daw-Trans drivers, to ensure the safety of their participation in road traffic and the transport of goods.

The academy is first of all an opportunity for the people that have obtained all the licences necessary and would like to start working as drivers in international transport. Several days of theoretical lectures and practical activities allow us to verify the skills of future drivers and initially prepare them for working in the desired position.

The last stage of verification is a trip with one of our “teachers”, namely the most experienced drivers in our company. The task of the teacher-driver is to transfer knowledge through practice.

The Daw-Trans Driver Academy does not offer licence courses; however we work closely with one of the leading driving schools in Toruń to assist in obtaining a driver’s licence and all the necessary licences on very attractive conditions.


Stages of training at Daw-Trans:

Theoretical training

Practical training

Training trips


CONTACT : Tomasz Wiwatowski

tel.: +48 56 662 07 15

mobile: +48 695 900 299